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All major brands serviced, Borden Appliance Repair is a company, located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, that offers professional appliance repair servicing Pottstown, Boyertown, Collegeville, Douglassville, Gilbertsville, Green Lane, Royersford, Limerick, Schwenksville, Spring City, Harleysville, Phoenixville, PA and the Surrounding Areas. Our Certified Technicians Repair All Major Brands of Gas and Electric Appliances.

Providing fast, reliable, appliance repair on all Refrigerators, Freezers, Dryers, Washers, Dishwashers, Ovens, Ranges, and Icemakers. Our work is guaranteed from minor repairs to major overhauls with same day-service and competitive pricing. All Upfront  Pricing Before We Start Your Repair Job! No Hidden Charges.

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Air Conditioner

Store the unit in a basement or utility room, not a garage. Mice and other small animals love to nest in air conditioners. If they do they can cause serious damage to the unit by chewing on wiring and insulation. Also, wasps and birds like to nest in uncovered units left in windows. Avoid these problems by storing your window air conditioner in a protected area, away from small animals, or by installing a cover on the part of the air conditioner that sticks outside.


As cooler weather approaches, it's time to clean your humidifier and rid it of scale, rust and hard water build up. Consult your owner's manual to see how to properly disassemble and clean the unit. We offer several good humidifier cleaners.

This is the beginning of the humidifier season. It's time to replace your humidifier filter, wick, or pad. As water is evaporated through these components they tend to get clogged with calcium, lime, and other deposits. This build-up is nearly impossible to remove and greatly reduces the humidifier's effectiveness. Many humidifiers can only evaporate half their stated rate when the pad/filter gets clogged. We carry all the major humidifier filters.

If you have a reservoir-type humidifier, inspect and clean the float assembly this month to prevent overfilling. Also, use a bit of bacteriostatic solution to prevent bacterial growth. If you have a flow-through type, check the drain to be sure water is flowing properly.


Dryer lint build up is the leading cause of dryer failures, and it often causes drying times to increase dramatically. Lint build up is also responsible for thousands of house fires a year. Use a dryer vent brush to remove lint build up in the vent that leads to the outside. We offer 10 ft. and 20 ft. dryer vent brushes, which work great for this messy task.

If your dryer vent is white vinyl, replace it with a rigid or semi-rigid aluminum vent (White vinyl ducts no longer meet building codes and are flammable).

Washing Machine

Check washer water fill hoses for cracks, blisters, corroded fittings and leaks. Cracks are a sign of aging and a breakdown of the rubber. Blisters signal a rupture in the inner lining of the hose, which means the hose may burst at any time. Corroded fittings mean the hose has leaked or is leaking now. If you don't replace the hose, you may find the corroded fitting is virtually impossible to remove from the faucet when you need to remove it. Replace the hoses if they have any of these conditions. (Washer water fill hoses generally need to be replaced every three to five years, regardless of whether there is a visible defect.) For even more peace of mind, use stainless steel fill hoses.

Check that the washer is level and sitting on a well-supported sub-floor. A leading cause of washer failure and customer complaints is a washer that bangs around unbalanced for many loads.

Check to be sure no water is dripping into the washer when it's turned off. If water is dripping in, even just a little, it's a sign the water inlet valve is defective and should be replaced.


Remove and clean range knobs with a non-abrasive cleaner. This will help to preserve the stenciling on the knob. Replace any broken, or illegible knobs to make your range look new again. Find replacement knobs for your model range using our Shop For Parts feature.

Most ovens have an interior light. Oftentimes, the bulb has been burned out for so long you may not even realize that you have one. The light bulb is usually behind a small glass dome near the upper left or right side of the inside of the oven. You must remove the glass dome, usually by sliding a wire off of it, or rotating it counter clockwise to replace the bulb. Find bulbs for your range/stove/oven using our Shop For Parts feature.

If your oven broiler pan is missing, or if it has gotten so soiled you can't clean it anymore, replace it with this high-quality, low-priced oven broiler pan.

Clean your oven control panel. You can clean any porcelain stovetop or glass range/oven control panel with a non-abrasive cleanser or glass cleaner. Watch out for some "cream type" cleansers as they often have tiny abrasive particles in them, which can damage your stovetop or control panel. We recommend appliance polish & cleaner for safe cleaning.

Drip pans and bowls serve multiple functions for a range. They serve to catch food and spills, they also help radiate heat back at the pan for better efficiency, and they protect you from accidentally touching internal components. It's important never to cover them with aluminum foil. Many electric ranges short out due to the aluminum making a short circuit at the burner. And, the foil will cover the oven vent usually found at one of the burners. Try to clean the drip pans with a household non-abrasive cleanser. If they cannot be cleaned, you can replace them with our universal pans and bowls, or use our Shop For Parts feature to order the original units. For model-specific pans and bowls, use our Shop For Parts feature with your model number.

Garbage Disposal

Most cleaning tips you've heard of or read about for garbage disposers are not recommended by manufacturers of the disposers. Ice cubes, coffee grounds, or eggshells do nothing at all to clean a disposer. And, there is no way to sharpen the "blades" of a disposer without removing them and using professional grinding tools. (This is never done in practice.) You can freshen up a disposer by grinding half a lemon or lime. Or, use Disposer Care, specifically made for this purpose.